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I am a mom of 4-year-old and I had Coronavirus

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It all started 9th April when I slept with the tickling sensation in my throat. Next morning, I woke up anxious reading everything I could find about this deadly pandemic. The only thought I had in the mind was what if I am a carrier? All I was thinking at that moment was my family, my kid and my husband who are living with me.

I discussed this with my husband, and we ruled that option out because I just had the sore throat and no persistent cough. The day was fine, I did not feel much in my throat and was getting fine. It just felt like a normal cold and I started taking my necessary precautions like hot water, green tea and some ayurvedic medicine. The tickling sensation in my throat would not just leave.

I started to question myself. Did I move out of the house? The answer was a big No. I have not moved out of the house from last 2 months. Did I touch anything that could carry it? Again, no because whatever we are been delivered are left outside or in our car trunk for 2-3 days and then bringing in wearing gloves after disinfecting. It was a soliloquy and after much thought I concluded that I am thinking too much about it.

As an avid news reader, I followed the outbreak of covid-19 in china and Italy closely. Although no state or federal mandate was in place that time, we took necessary precautions like I pulled out my son from his music class and his swimming lessons. We stocked all essentials items because we believed that virus is dangerous before many people started to take it seriously. The state of New jersey closed 20th march. Since then we have not left the house. My husband just went out once to grocery store because the delivery slots for groceries were not available. We adopted the stay at home recommendation early and struck to them and we did everything write.

Despite of this, I got sick.

I started to keep continuous check on my symptoms, and I was not feeling anything apart from itchiness in my throat. I then decided to take the online CDC recommended test to check whether you have coronavirus or not. I did not meet the criteria as my symptoms was not in the list and was told that I just have cold symptoms and nothing else. When somebody tells you that you are fine and its just cold and you have multiple negative thoughts in your mind. How would you feel? You will ecstatic right? That was it, I was happy, cooked my favorite meal and slept well but then again, I had this feeling that something is wrong. why is that tickling in my throat not going away? After much thought I decided to take an appointment with my doctor to explain how I am feeling.

Next morning, I took an appointment and had a video call with my doctor. I explained how I feel deep down my throat. She asked me some basic questions. Did you go out? How long have you been feeling them? Do you have a fever? Are you feeling any fatigue? With no for every answer, she said it might be just seasonal flu and you will get better with time. With continues doubts in my mind, I asked can I get it tested for coronavirus? She said you do not have any symptoms but still if you have doubt, get it tested and keep that thought away from you permanently.

I booked my drive thru test for the next day with the urgent care. Those who are not aware as how the test is done. Let me explain you they put a cotton swab down your nose to your throat. I felt a little uncomfortable, but I got the test done and was told that they take 72 hours and will call me with my result.

I came back home and regained my duties, my son’s school, cooking and cleaning. Never have I thought I might contract it. Friday, I got a call and my husband told me to put it on the speaker. We were pretty sure that it would come back negative. The person on the call said “I am calling from urgent care, just wanted to let you know you have been tested positive for coronavirus”. I hung up and my husband panicked. I panicked too but I was also relieved to know that now I know that I felt terrible for a reason and it was all so real.

I called my physician to tell about the test. She was so surprised to hear from me and had no clue how it happened? I was also relieved to hear from my doctor that I seem to have a mild case and will recover well. She told me to take vitamin C and Vitamin D. the only thing that you can fight this virus with. I was in self-isolation away from my son and my husband then on. I did not get any fever and 10 days later, I still had a scratchy throat on and off but there was nothing concerning for me to be hospitalized.

While I felt anxious, I tried to relax. Then I realized as a mom that my biggest fear was for my 4-year-old son, who usually ends up in bronchitis every change of weather since this is a respiratory disease. What would that mean for him?

There was heavy energy in the room, yet we tried to keep everything right. My husband tried his level best to manage everything. He used to get up, cook and then make my son study, do his own work and then manage every possible thing in the house. When you are sick and you know somebody is there, it acts like an energy booster for you. He was just that to me during this tough time. He would make me feel that everything will be alright and just take rest, he is there for everything else.

Imagine what it is like when you have 3 people in the house and out of them a confirmed case of coronavirus and one healthy preschooler?

Tough right? There are many words that can be used but this seems to be the best. The strangest thing I find about this virus is what I have experienced is the fluctuation. Since the beginning, one moment it feels that you have been hit by a truck and then other moment feels nothing is wrong. The good part of this moment is that sometimes its ok and the bard part is when your son asks you when are you getting better to play with me?

Now my self-isolation period is over, and I am feeling well and have no symptoms, got it tested again and came back negative. I am still taking lot of precautions like wearing mask when I am with my family and wearing gloves when needed.

I still feel scared and anxious almost everyday and I know how much it takes to put oneself back again. The only valuable thing that I had was Hope. So just in case, if I have anyone out there just like me, I put together some pieces of advice. I hope with proper social distancing and following the advices of the government officials, we can help stop the spread of Covid -19 and get these numbers down, but I also fear that it is very much prevalent than many of us even realize. I do not know where I got it. I was washing my hands, being careful.

So, while I hope we all stay healthy, if anybody does have the same experience, I have put together my advice on how to parent with the coronavirus.

1.Throw away screen time out of the window

We all have set some screen time and rules for our kids, but it does not matter if your child is watching a lot these two weeks. If you want some rest, and do not want your kid to come to you, it is sometime ok to let them watch for as much time they want.

2. Give lot of attention and assurances to your kids

We have a particularly emotionally aware and sensitive toddler and he has expressed that he does not want mommy to be sick. I think he was nervous because it is not usually something he sees. I did not have a choice to be with him to assure. It is very important to give lot of attention and assurance to your child. My husband assured him that everything will be normal again. He used to do facetime calls from the other room to check how I am feeling. Having some control helped him feel as if he is a process of getting me better.

3. Lean on to your family, friends and relatives

When my result came, I got a call from health department telling that my whole family has to quarantine themselves too. We could not do our own groceries. Everything could not be ordered. and I needed my friends and family for physical support as well as emotional support. I received lot of support both emotionally and physically that made me feel how privileged I am.


These are strange times; it has been a tough two weeks and I do not know when we all can step outside with our little one without any fear in my mind. But until that day comes, do not forget to text, call or connect with someone you have not talked to in a long time.

These times shall too pass.

Happy Parenting

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