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Let us all take a Positivity pledge!

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I was reading a book Sapiens when I came across a line “Our survival as a species has often depended on complex set of adaptation based on fear. The early hunter did not know which berries are safe to eat but they learned quickly with experience. Similarly, those early humans when first encountered a large animal in the environment did not know whether that animal is a food, prey or predator. Again, they learned, but sometimes learning comes at the cost of lives.”

It reminded of the people losing their lives to covid-19 pandemic. The early cost is very higher than anybody wants to pay but we are all learning with more experience. At this point, many of us are unknown about how is this spreading rapidly despite of social distancing and what is the true mortality rate?

Whenever there is a void between what is known and what we need to know, anxiety will always hold in the cracks and fill the remaining place. Its very easy to let in the negative thoughts and feelings during this time. Every time I switch on any news channel, all I see the news surrounding increase in cases and trials of vaccines failing. The coronavirus is spreading. Nations are under quarantine. People are working from home and schools are closed for indefinite period of time.

We are all going through the joint collective shock, sense of loss, anxiety and stress and range of other emotions. We have cancelled our spring gala, our trips and learning new technology everyday

With all the negativity surrounding you, keeping a positive mindset can take you a long way in managing such difficult time.

Can Positivity be contagious? I know that sound cliché when we are talking about coronavirus but its true, being positive during the crises can spread and help others during this difficult time. I read an article yesterday which points to how you stay positive affects others around you. So next time when somebody ask you “How are you feeling?”, you know what to say “POSITIVE”

Staying positive in not a “do it yourself” project. For many, there is a community they can turn to, whether it is family or friends, or whatever it might be. Leaning on those people whom you trust gives you strength to fight.

So, while I sit down to write this article, I asked myself “How do you stay positive in the negative atmosphere?” After much thought I have jotted down some ways you can stay positive.


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Write a gratitude journal every day. Be thankful. There are so many things that you should be thankful for. For those who have a job, be thankful for that. Those who do not, there are people around them who still care for them. Those who are at home, be thankful that you are safe. Having a sense of gratitude leads to the lower level of stress. This very evening, before you go to sleep, think of the positive things that happened during the day. Take a moment to do this every night. If you have children, take a moment with them before bedtime to ask them to think about something they’re grateful for. You can share it with your kids and set a good example.



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The secret of making the power of positive thinking is meditation. It works for me and I am sure it will work for you as well. In order to manifest the positive experiences in your life, you must change your thoughts which has to be changed from the roots itself. So, when you meditate, it first melts and eliminates the layer of anxiety and stress which leaves us with crystal clear thinking. You will be able to develop positive mental attitude which allows the easy manifestation of everything positive around you. Speaking of meditation, this is the area where I want to focus more and implement in my life. As everyone is health conscious these days and yoga is the best form of meditation one should try.



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Another thing that is proven right for me is faith. Faith can be on anyone. It can be on a divine figure whom you believe or anyone who is close to you. Faith cause us to focus on the process rather than the problem. Our battles can make us feel negative and isolated but when you know you are not alone. It brings positivity in our life.


Doing one kind act everyday

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Bring and share positivity by helping others. Volunteering your time, money, or energy to help others does not just make the world better, it also makes you better. Studies indicate that doing a kind act back boosts your happiness, health, and sense of well-being. You are not only doing good for others but doing good to yourself. I really found helping others makes me feel better about my existence.


Follow your passion

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I have been lately seeing lot of messages on my family Whats App group where everyone is cooking, sending pictures of their drawings and following their passion in this quarantine mode. What is it actually doing to you? Keeping you busy and engrossed right. That is the first step to not let the negativity prevail in you. It makes you feel confident and gives you the assurance of happiness and positivity in you.



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I know it might sound silly. I didn’t do much of this during the weekend. It is  just a matter of moving your facial muscles a bit but sometimes it gets tough especially during this time because of work from home and kids around you. So, make it a habit of bringing yourself in front of the mirror and force yourself to smile. Believe me it will really change your mood and help you to destress. I also felt lighter because it takes less muscles to smile than to frown.


Positivity is powerful but is useless without any actions. So, This May, the Mental Health Awareness month, I challenge you to take a pledge to be positive. It is an opportunity for you to take control of your mental health while putting some good in the world.

Stay positive and Happy parenting!!

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