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Introducing Our Angel Araina!

How can it be that my little Jellybean is already 3-week-old? It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since I was waddling around a huge bump, inadvertently rolling my eyes every time someone commented to me “you didn’t deliver the baby yet?”. As it turned out, Jellybean came 4 days before my due date.…

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Are you happy or sad? Are we masking children's ability to read emotions?

Photo by Izzy Park on Unsplash

In the summer of 2021, as school district in the country were announcing the mask mandates as part of their plans to safely reopen schools in midst of covid 19 pandemic, series of memes made round in social media. While their content and image varied, their basi…

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Preparing Your Child to Go Back to School in Person.

Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

For families, two events would be happening about the same time, this fall. Kids will be going back to school in person and parents are expected to return to their offices either part time or full time.


From one perspective, it is just normal to what was before the …

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Helping Your Anxious Child Overcome Bedtime Fears


mali desha on Unsplash

You are finally settling on your couch, with the remote in your hand and ready to binge watch your latest Netflix obsession. You are just about to press play when you hear tiny feets padding down the hall.

“Mommy, I can’t sleep, I am scared!”

How many …

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How to empower children against bullying.


Kat J on Unsplash

What is Bullying?

According to the dictionary, bullying is defined as repeated unwanted and aggressive behavior in which the child and teen uses a perceived power imbalance such as physical strength, access to embarrassing information or popularity, to control and harm othe…

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How to Teach Kids the Art of Losing

Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash

Never have I ever thought that teaching my son to lose gracefully would be such an important part of my parenting journey. No one like to lose but at one point we all do even when we know we gave it our all whether it is a school competition or a game. Of course, los…

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Should we let our kids go back to school this fall?

Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash

Damned if we send our kids to school, Damned if we not.

That is how I feel as a parent when I think of sending Ahaan to school during this pandemic situation which is creating havoc in our nation among people. After 4 months at home with our children, most of us…

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Father's Day around the world!


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

June is here, that means Father’s Day is just around the corner. From teaching us how to walk, ride a bike and walking you down the aisle, fathers have a special place in our heart, so be ready to show all your love this June 21st.

I want to express my deepes…

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Let us all take a Positivity pledge!

Photo by alex bracken on Unsplash

I was reading a book Sapiens when I came across a line “Our survival as a species has often depended on complex set of adaptation based on fear. The early hunter did not know which berries are safe to eat but they learned quickly with experience. Similarly, th…

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I am a mom of 4-year-old and I had Coronavirus

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

It all started 9th April when I slept with the tickling sensation in my throat. Next morning, I woke up anxious reading everything I could find about this deadly pandemic. The only thought I had in the mind was what if I am a carrier? All I was thinking at tha…

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Does your child know the Golden Rule? - Teach your kids kindness and compassion.

Photo by Ashley Whitlatch on Unsplash


You must be wondering what the golden rules is? A week before Ahaan was sitting doing his art activity that his teacher Miss Mary was teaching and he was really excited to learn his scribble scrabble art. She then asked everyone the question “Tel…

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Arguing in front of your kids? Here is what you need to know


We were coming back from a place when me and my partner had an argument. My son just yelled and said, “Stop fighting”. My little one had a tough time that day. Is that to do with mommy and daddy arguing?

Raising a kid is a very stressful and complicated undertaking and it takes a lo…

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The Secret to keep your kids busy and learning at home due the school closure amidst Coronavirus outbreak.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

As millions of students are being displaced from school due to the spread of coronavirus all over the world. Here rise the real crises for all the parents: what will the kids do at home all day? How to keep them busy? Being a mother, I am sure you agree …

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A panic free guide for Parents to deal with Coronavirus.


We parents are in constant fear for the well-being of their kid. So, it’s pretty natural that the stories about the spread of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) makes it more worrisome as to whether our kids are safe or are in danger?

We are still learning about the new virus as there has b…

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How to make bedwetting easier on you and your child.


You will probably potty train your child between the age if 2-4, but your child may still have a nighttime accident (Known as Bedwetting).

It is common as your child grow. It takes time for their body to develop the ability to wake up at night when their bladder is full. During this time, he …

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Playdate : Guide to immaculately plan it.


Socializing is an important part of everybody’s life and it’s important that it is developed when the person is at young age. So, parents came with the concept of Play Date. Those who are not aware of what Play Dates are, here is the definition

Play Date(n): A time that the parents arrang…

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A Challenge to Myself

Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

It was cold and deep in my sleep was thinking about having my me time with a hot cuppa coffee and reading a book, having the most valuable time with myself. Suddenly the alarm goes on…trin!!trin!! I woke up like an andreline rush and realized that my son chan…

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New Year Resolution No Mom should make


Doesn’t it feel like yesterday when 2019 heralded in? Now we are at the crossroad of the new year again where all the moms will be resolving to make this coming year more fruitful.

Maybe this is the year where you will loose some extra pounds that you gained during your pregnancy, org…

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Santa Claus: Unquestionably a Mom!!


It's that of the year where you all are decorating Christmas tree and waiting for Santa to come, but have you ever thought who Santa is? I am not talking here in religious perspective. I know what you must be thinking, that Santa Claus is a Santa Claus. His appearance has stayed the same t…

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My quiet one in an Extrovert World


Imagine a 4-year-old who greets you with a huge smile and on the other hand a child who have regards for you but hides behind his dads’ leg. How do you feel about these two children? If you are like most people, you would think of the first child as social and the second shy or reserved. For a…

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